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The Top 5 Use Cases for Facial Recognition Search Right Now

The biggest advantage of modern technology is that it has increased the speed of menial tasks to levels never before thought possible. When it comes to security, the advent of biometric authentication systems is what plays this accelerating role.

Most people think that the only use case of Face Recognition Search is to unlock their mobile phone. But the reality is that the use of this technology has evolved beyond this to many more different use cases.

So in this blog, we will tell you about the Top 5 use cases of this technology today.

Face Recognition Search

Face recognition is considered one of the foremost applications of AI technology right now. AI is the main driving force in modern facial recognition, responsible for its speed and accuracy.

The way AI face search works is that provided with an image or video, the algorithm can detect, identify, and separate a face from the background. It does this by searching for common features that make up a face like eyes, a nose, a mouth, and so on.

The AI then extracts some basic features to create a facial map, which is a digital recreation or representation of the face. It then matches that digital representation against some database to see if the face matches one of the ones in the database.

The major benefit of AI in this face scan search is the automation of a process that would otherwise have had to have been done by slow manual labor. AI can accelerate and automate these tasks to a speed that is beyond the capabilities of any human being. Modern innovations have made sure that these detections are extremely accurate.

Use Cases of a Face Scan Search

Now, let’s talk about some of the most useful ways that facial recognition is used in today’s world to accelerate identification and streamline many industries.

1) Customer Analysis in Retail

One of the most innovative ways that this technology is being used in today’s world is surprisingly in the retail sector. These companies are using this technology to analyze their customer’s activities in their stores.

A retail company will use face recognition to capture and analyze customer demographics, their behavior, and even their emotional state when moving through different sections of a store. This provides them with unique and detailed information never before possible.

Retailers use this information to understand the way a customer thinks as they browse a store. What elements of the store influence them positively, and what influences them negatively? It tells them what parts of the store are actively preventing purchases. It even gives them some idea of what kind of customer prefers what kind of product, and so on.

2) Controlling Entry and Access

One of the situations where the advent of AI face search has massively upgraded the process in terms of both speed and accuracy is the control of entry and exit to restricted spaces and buildings.

Many different organizations use a face ID search to allow or deny entry access to people trying to enter into spaces. This is especially useful in situations where there are different levels of authorization require for entry into different sections of a building or facility.

3) Marketing and Advertisements

Another place where facial recognition is playing more and more of a role every single day is in the marketing industry. Face detection is being use to tailor marketing materials and ads to what the company thinks will best suit the viewer.

Companies can use a facial recognition search to identify a user from a database and tailor an ad to something that would best suit that user’s needs. Skincare brands can recommend a product based on a customer’s skin type. A clothing brand might advertise based on a customer’s age, like children’s clothes if they find you to be under 12 years old.

4) Airport Boarding and Security

There are usually tens of thousands of passengers that pass through any major airport on any given day. All these people need to be identify and process through usually many different checkpoints.

A face scan search can streamline this process through accurate identification of individuals with tools like 3D liveness detection. This allows the passenger identification process to go faster and for people to be boarding much more quickly.

5) Suspect Identification

An interesting way law enforcement uses face ID search technology is to monitor individuals in a public space. 

Face scanning allows law enforcement to detect possible suspects and criminals in a crowded area, allowing them to more efficiently maintain control of a public space like a train station, mall, or airport.


The majority of people underestimate the diverse applications of facial recognition search technology. The reality is that these tools have manifold benefits that can help to create more secure environments in many different fields and industries.



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