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EA Sports FC 24 – TOTS Inaki Williams Objective Challenge Guide

Expect some fireworks as La Liga and Liga F are finally joining in on the FC 24 Team of the Season festivities. This hotly anticipated addition to EA Sports FC 24 brings with it another excellent roster of top-tier players from other leagues. The EA FC 24 store will also be adding even more packs and items, so this should be a good time to buy FC 24 coins. Aside from a newly replenished selection of items and players, you can also get a chance to add TOTS Inaki Williams to your team by completing several objectives.

This 92-rated version of Inaki Williams is certainly one that will prove to be an asset for any team and for the EA Sports FC 24 career mode, and obtaining him is pretty much a guarantee as long as you complete all necessary objectives. In this guide, we will be showing you exactly how you can get this outstanding winger to join your team for free.

What are the objectives to be completed?

The Inaki Williams objectives demand a degree of offensive skill to accomplish so as to mirror Williams’ actual play style on the field. For those unfamiliar, Inaki Williams is best known for his dynamic scoring and assists in EA Sports FIFA 24; as such, the objective is tailor-made to highlight this particular set of skills.

To unlock TOTS Inaki Williams, you will need to complete four objectives. These are:

  • Supporting Winger
  • Notorious Scorer
  • Reliable Starter
  • Spanish Cup Winner

All four objectives are straightforward, but they will take time and effort to complete. For the ‘Supporting Winger’ objective, the EA FC 24 player needs to assist seven goals; the ‘Notorious Scorer’ objective requires you to use a player from La Liga to score a total of 12 goals; the ‘Reliable Starter’ simply requires you to play nine matches; and the ‘Spanish Cup Winner’ will need you to chalk up eight wins with a minimum of three players from Spain in your starting 11.

As you can see from the prerequisites for some of these objectives, you will need to have La Liga players on your roster. Better practice with players from this league if you want to tackle the TOTS Inaki Williams objective. Once you have conquered all objectives, you will be able to redeem several packs as well as acquire TOTS Inaki Williams to join your team. Make sure to always have extra FUT coins PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players to get a hold of the latest items on the store while they’re hot.

Tips on completing the TOTS Inaki Williams objectives

If you want to speed up the whole challenge, it is best to pick a team comprised of high La Liga EA Sports FIFA 24 player ratings. Some of the highly recommended La Liga players to include in your team when tackling these objectives are:

Real Madrid players:

  • Lucas Vasquez
  • Dani Carvajal
  • Isco

Atheletic Bilbao players:

  • Nico Williams
  • Dani Vivian

Girona players:

  • Aleix Garcia
  • Miguel Gutierrez

It is also ideal to spread your best La Liga scorers in your club to achieve the 12-goal objective faster. Once you have the line-up settled, try to complete objectives in this order: seven assists, 12 goals with la liga player, and winning eight of your nine matches. This order is the most efficient if you wish to complete the required objectives as fast as possible. Fortunately, these objectives can also be completed in offline mode since getting eight wins in online ranking is easier said than done. With the current Team of Seasons winding down, it is certainly time to start saving up on EA Sports FC 24 coins for upcoming updates that are still in the pipe.



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