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Evaluate the Elements of a Good YouTube Video

“YouTube” has become an important part of our daily vocabulary. Probably no one uses the Internet and has yet to hear of this video streaming platform. One may even claim that YouTube has changed how users consume visual media. It’s also changed the way people get news and consume information online.

When it was first introduced in 2006, YouTube quickly developed a positive perception among the audience. This video streaming site lets people monetize visual content; everybody can share their content for the world to see. Uploading your content to YouTube gives you a sense of achievement. Also, successful YouTubers get paid for uploading this content and getting more views.

Consistency is one of the main things people look for to succeed on YouTube. You have to upload attractive stories regularly. The most successful YouTubers are consistent, which is one of the main reasons some people even consider it a full-time profession.

Elements of a Good YouTube Video


The thumbnail is a preview, the first image to appear when your video appears on someone’s YouTube feed. But your thumbnail must show a range of emotions. You need to add the human element to your thumbnail. For example, Mr. Beast did a little experiment and found that his videos got more views if the thumbnail showed his mouth closed. So, his team edited the thumbnails of his past videos, in which he smiled profusely. This simple experiment led to a sudden boost in Mr. Beast’s viewership.

Whether you are smiling in the thumbnail, looking confused, or showing any other reaction, the human element makes your thumbnail more appealing. Also, using a written e-signature would help make your thumbnail look more professional and credible. You should learn how to write a signature if you want to incorporate one into your YouTube thumbnail.

Also, you can use the graduated filter in Adobe Lightroom to enhance the human element in the thumbnail and decolorize everything. Lastly, you can incorporate text that looks like dialogue from your YouTube video. These things make for a good thumbnail for your next YouTube video.


Undoubtedly, some of the best YouTube videos out there are scripted. In other words, you must pay attention to the script of your YouTube video. The script needs an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Also, if you are a good enough YouTuber, you will have paid ads somewhere in your video. Successful YouTube channels focus obsessively on writing a compelling script. There are even jobs on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr where people hire freelancers to write well-written scripts for their YouTube videos.

The introduction part of your script must have a hook or a rhetorical question.

In the body part, you can include the advertiser’s message and information regarding your YouTube videos, i.e., the prominent content people are here to watch.

The conclusion must be a decisive message that seeks to clear the user’s mind about the problem that existed in the first place.

Keep in mind that you should choose advertisers for your YouTube video that are relevant to your video.


In the past, the quality of YouTube videos wasn’t that good. Most of the videos in the initial days were maxed out at 480p. Nowadays, YouTube has videos with up to 8K resolutions. Also, the framerate of your video can improve its watch time. Some even claim that the higher the frame rate of any video, the likelier it is to get a longer watch time.

If you are someone who makes cinematic videos on your channel, the best frame rate to go with is 24 FPS. At 24 FPS, the image falls into that cinematic motion that gives it a quite distinctive, filmy look. For people who are looking to get into YouTube for vlogging purposes, the best frame rate has to be 60 FPS.

In terms of video quality, if you want to avoid creating storage problems or if you are already low on storage, the best option would be to go with 1440p or 1080p. In these settings, you can provide the viewers with crystal-clear video image quality. Additionally, the uploading time will be ideal as compared to other higher resolutions.


If you want to be a famous YouTuber, you can’t be a lone wolf or a solo traveler. You have to work with your fellow YouTubers and collaborate with them. Consider how famous YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye used to make videos together. KSI and Logan Paul grew in popularity by pretending to have a beef. It shows that networking doesn’t always have to be positive; even confrontations can give you that much-needed boost in viewership.

Here’s another example: Imagine you are a photographer. All the videos on your channel are lessons for newcomers to this niche on how to become better photographers.


Put some energy into your content as well. Refrain from appearing dull and forlorn in your videos. People like to say energetic individuals doing zealous stuff online. Always appear in your videos with a positive attitude and explore a topic passionately. Be mindful that you shouldn’t just assume a bubbly personality or appear over-the-topic positive. Just give people hope and be confident in your demeanor. Also, being energetic doesn’t necessarily mean being all serious. You can be very serious and energetic at the same time. Just remember what Freddie Mercury said: “Do whatever you want with my music; don’t make it boring.”

We recommend rehearsing your YouTube scripts in front of a mirror so you can regulate your facial expressions for extra positivity.


You can easily become a very successful YouTuber. All it takes is two things: commitment and hard work. These simple guidelines will turn you into a major YouTuber. You have the freedom to talk about any issue going on in the world right now. But please approach each topic with a personal touch and talk from your heart.

Don’t forget to personalize your e-signature for YouTube success. It’ll turn you into a major YouTuber one day, and people will start recognizing you no matter where you go.




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